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Special Panel: Asia Matters Podcast: South Asia’s Dual Crisis: Covid-19 and Climate Change

South Asia has become one of the worst-hit parts of the world by COVID-19, with the pandemic causing particular harm among society’s poorest. In April, The World Bank forecast the region is likely to record their worst growth performance in four decades this year due to the health crisis. Its struggle against the virus has

Special Panel | Godzilla and Global Anxiety from Hiroshima to COVID-19​

Since Godzilla’s first appearance in the 1954 classic Gojira, the King of the Monsters has become a cinematic icon and a globally recognized symbol of Japan. Born of American H-bomb testing in the South Pacific, Godzilla tapped into Japanese audiences’ traumatic memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as international fears of the Cold War

Zen Buddhism and Well-being

There are three important elements in Zen meditation: calmness of mind, awareness of physical sensations, and observation of interactions between your physical body and social and physical environments. In our programs, you can learn not only how to meditate but also about Buddhist philosophy and history. Our programs focus on how you can incorporate Zen


A Virtual Museum Visit of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

IAFOR Chairman, Joseph Haldane in Conversation with Yutaka Mino This is a virtual tour of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, a contemporary and modern art museum designed by world-renowned Japanese architect, Tadao Ando. The museum was built after the 1995 Kobe-Awaji earthquake, and has since become a symbol of the city’s resilience and recovery.


Haiku Workshop

This workshop gives a background and history to haiku, the Japanese form of poetry that has become popular the world over. It will include readings of some of the most famous examples, and will invite participants to write their own poems, under the guidance of one of Japan’s most prominent haiku poets. Emiko Miyashita Emiko

Wadaiko Performance

Students from AIE International High School will be giving an exhilarating Wadaiko drumming performance to close the conference. The school is located in Awaji City on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture – just south of Kobe. It is one of five high schools in Hyogo Prefecture to provide an International Baccalaureate program. They have previously


Asia at the Crossroads: Conversations on Food, Politics, and Culture

Haruko Satoh in Conversation with Daisuke Utagawa Born in Karachi, British and US educated Japanese IR scholar, Haruko Satoh, is in conversation with Washington-based, Japanese trained sushi chef and restaurateur, Daisuke Utagawa. Using the conference theme, “Asia at the Crossroads”, they explore how food becomes a conduit that connects peoples and societies in ways conventional


Kobe: Japan’s Culinary Melting Pot

Aiko Tanaka Osaka Shoin Women’s High School and University, Japan Professor Emeritus of Food Studies at Osaka Shoin Women’s University, Osaka, Japan Author and Food Historian Chairman of the Edible Herb Garden Association Co-founder of the Food Studies for SDGs Research Institute (FSRI) Aiko Tanaka is the founder of the Food Studies Programs at both


Taste Washoku to Unveil Japanese Society: Encountering with Wagyu and Matcha

Kae Sekine Aichi Gakuin University, Japan Kae Sekine is an Associate Professor at Aichi Gakuin University, Nagoya, Japan and teaches Agricultural Economics. Dr Sekine has researched Food Standards including Geographical Indication in Asia and Europe. She studied at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Montpellier from 2007 to 2010 and holds a doctoral


Japan and Korea in China-US Relations: A Reappraisal of the Post-War Order

This roundtable session is supported by the Korea Foundation. About The Korea Foundation (KF) The Korea Foundation (KF) was established in 1991 to promote the charms of Korea to the world in order to deepen mutually friendly international civil networks. Since its founding, the KF has worked on various foreign exchange programs including the promotion