Haiku Workshop

This workshop gives a background and history to haiku, the Japanese form of poetry that has become popular the world over. It will include readings of some of the most famous examples, and will invite participants to write their own poems, under the guidance of one of Japan’s most prominent haiku poets.

Emiko Miyashita

Emiko Miyashita is a prominent and widely published haiku poet, as well as an award-winning translator who has given invited lectures and workshops around the world. She serves as a councillor for the Haiku International Association, as well as secretary of the Haiku Poets Association International Department in Tokyo. She is a dojin (leading member) of Ten’i (Providence) haiku group lead by Dr Akito Arima, and also a dojin of the Shin (Morning Sun), haiku group lead by Dr Akira Omine.

Hana Fujimoto

Hana Fujimoto is a Councilor of the Haiku International Association, a member of the Japan Traditional Haiku Association, and a writer for the haiku magazine Tamamo.

When: Wednesday, September 2, 11:30-12:30
Location: Main Room

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