Online Model Overview

Online Model Overview
The online model involves an effective interaction between scholars from around the world without the need to travel. It establishes a smooth online connection, as well creates an engaging and interactive conference experience between multiple participants joining from different locations.

AAS-in-Asia Live

Online Operations Overview

Each participant will need to be equipped with a computer and a camera to join a zoom meeting and connect with other panel members and the audience.

Attendees can freely change online rooms, depending on what panels interest them. All sessions will be broadcast (live-streamed) to AAS-in-Asia Live.

Online Room Overview and Roles Involved

Each presentation session will involve the following support roles: AAS moderator – moderates the panel; Admin support – hosts the zoom meeting and provides technical support.

AAS-in-Asia Live Interface

All streaming panels will be listed on the AAS-in-Asia Live webpage as separate hyperlinks, indicated as “Room 1”, ”Room 2”, etc. Depending on the schedule, participants can join the room, where they will be prompted with a login window to join the Zoom meeting.

AAS-in-Asia Live-stream Page Concept

1. An online participant clicks on the required panel.

2. This leads a user to the integrated Zoom login window within the AAS-in-Asia website, where a participant can enter the details and login directly to Zoom and join the panel discussion

Online Interaction

Online participants will be able to engage with each other via the Zoom chat interface, leaving questions and comments in the chat window, which the session moderator can navigate through. Presenters and panelists can leave their contact details at the end of the panel indicating their amenability and availability for follow-up, which can be done through private channels.

AAS-in-Asia2020 Catch-Up

All panels will be recorded* and the videos of these live streams will be placed on the AAS-in-Asia Catch-Up page, so attendees who have been unable to view live for whatever reason can view the panels at their leisure.

*Important note

Prior to the conference, all panel chairs will be contacted in order to receive permission to record and further upload the corresponding panel session on the AAS-in-Asia Catch-up page.

During live presentations, the recording of the sessions that required not to be recorded will be paused. Hence, will not be further uploaded on the AAS-in-Asia Catch-up pages.