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Foreign Office Files for Southeast Asia: Newly published in 2020, Foreign Office Files for Southeast Asia, 1963-1980 explores the history of Southeast Asia from 1963-1980 through official government documents from The National Archives, UK. This collection offers an insight into the significant changes that took place in Southeast Asia during 1963-1980, including the creation of Malaysia and the response to this from the wider region. Material from The National Archives, UK covers the Cobbold Commission, the end of the Malayan Emergency and tensions between Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as rising animosity towards the perceived threat of communism at this time. The material also offers insight into the challenges faced by political leaders during this time, documenting guerrilla activity, attempted coups and financial struggles in a time of conflict.

Alongside this, the region saw a movement toward industrialisation and the strengthening of political alliances, shaping the emergence of a modern Southeast Asia.

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“Foreign Office Files for Southeast Asia, 1963-1980”

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