New Threats to Academic Freedom

Title: 1411 | New Threats to Academic Freedom
Area: Border Crossing and Inter-Area
Stream: Sociology
Presentation Type: Roundtable
Dimitar Gueorguiev, Syracuse University, United States (Chair, Moderator)
Jeff Kingston, Temple University, Japan (discussant)
Zaharom Nain, The University of Nottingham in Malaysia, Malaysia (discussant)
Dede Oetomo, Independent Scholar (discussant)
Kimkong Heng, University of Queensland, Australia (discussant)


This roundtable webinar brings together scholars who are researching or witnessing censorship and self-censorship across various parts of Asia. In anticipation of an Association for Asian Studies’ publication project on the same subject, this late-breaking news roundtable will start a scholarly discussion about emerging threats to academic freedom in Asia as well as their downstream political, economic and cultural impact. The aim is to identify recent censorship trends alongside discussion of case studies (e.g. Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia) that will shed light on the problem and provide reference points to those working in restrictive research environments.

This panel is on Friday - Session Lunchtime - Main Room

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